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GEN Live - COVID-19: Talking Next-Gen Diagnostics
Join the science writing talent from Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News in a live interactive conversation on the latest science and medical news from the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the outbreak began, GEN has been diligently covering the research and medical advances that are helping us better understand, diagnose and defeat the novel coronavirus. In Episode 2 on July 8, GEN editors Julianna LeMieux, Alex Philippidis and Kevin Davies will discuss the latest advances in COVID-19 diagnostics.

We’ll also share news and insights on the race for a vaccine, ranking the frontrunner candidates aiming to combat the virus.

We anticipate hundreds of attendees for this live candid conversation. You will be able to ask questions during the broadcast via chat and social media.

• Kevin Davies, PhD – GEN/The CRISPR Journal
• Julianna LeMieux, PhD – GEN Senior Science Writer
• Alex Philippidis – GEN Senior News Editor

Special Guests:
• Jonathan Rothberg, PhD - Chief Strategy Officer, 4Catalyzer
• Janice Chen, PhD - Co-Founder, Mammoth Biosciences
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